Drive more foot traffic

Customers spend 22 hours each day with their mobile devices. Why not attract new business with that? Perx will help you to make mobile marketing your primary channel.

Grow your customer base

Grow your customer knowledge. Perx clients see over 70% success rate on customer surveys. They’ve also seen over 30% success on winning back lost customers.

Say “No” to discounting

We’ll drive you the customers. We will also pay for the rewards. Perx helps merchants protect brand equity without the promise of a discount.


Perx Loyalty And Mobile Marketing

Perx Loyalty And Mobile Marketing

Rapid Exposure

We feature you in Perx which gets over a million impressions a month. Our loyalty and mobile marketing platform will introduce you to our entire customer database through email campaigns, push notifications, social media, and more. Don't wait - get launched in less than 24 hours.

Perx Loyalty and Mobile Marketing

POS Integration - None Needed

With Perx loyalty and mobile marketing, you no longer have to worry about the POS system you're on. Now your customers can earn Perx points just by linking their Card and transacting or checking in via a beacon. Experience the power of seamless unification of technology today.

Perx Loyalty and Mobile Marketing

Marketing Automation

Perx is more than a loyalty and mobile marketing platform. Get social, go viral - our software will automatically collect feedback from your customers and empower them to invite their friends. Schedule your free demo and get a $25 Gift Card on us.

Perx Loyalty and Mobile Marketing

Easy Point Redemption

Customers will redeem points for rewards paid for by Perx. No more expensive reward costs. No more Point Of Sale voucher redemptions. Ready to reward your valuable customers without hurting your budget? Talk to our team of experts today for free.

Perx Loyalty and Mobile Marketing

Actionable Data

Value of one product sold? $35. Value of a customer's transaction history, likes, dislikes, frequency, and reasons for purchases? Priceless. It's time to own the data, surveys, and notes, and we'll collect it for you. Engage like never before with your own push notifications and emails to your customers. Take control of your customer loyalty and mobile marketing with Perx today.



  • Testimonial

    We got 88,000 customer surveys with Perx!

    Tiffany Liu, Marketing Senior Executive, Koi Café Singapore

    “Perx mobile loyalty platform has helped our team recognise our customers much better. The Perx team is very dedicated to helping our operation team throughout the program. Through Perx, we have now collected over 88,000 customer surveys."

  • Testimonial

    15,000 active members

    Adrien Desbaillets , President/Director, SaladStop!

    “We started Perx at the end of September 2011, and by November 2011, we had 500 customers who were active on our digital loyalty card. We were then still in the process of phasing out our paper cards. Now, we have grown to 15,000 active members on the Perx platform. The Perx methodology has really evolved from its beginnings to offer an enterprise-level marketing strategy for us."

  • Testimonial

    A Wonderful Mechanism To Reward Loyal Customers

    Sam Lee, Owner, Yoguru

    “With the thorough and supportive representatives from Perx, I later realised that not only did Perx provide a wonderful mechanism to reward our loyal customers, it also served as a way for us to collect feedback about our business.

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